Benefits Of Personalized Training

What I have learned from my first week of hosting one-on-one sessions with players has amazed me.   Even though a few of the sessions rained out and had to be rescheduled, the few I conducted taught me the value of this specialized time between coach and player.

1) Each new student who begins the program, gets an initial evaluation of speed, coordination, ball touch, footwork, posture, etc. A file is created in order to track timed test results and to record observations on the player’s strengths and weaknesses.  This new program has allowed me to see players in new and different ways and to understand what can make them better.  That information then gets passed on to the parent.

2)  Individual training is for all players.  One of the best parts about this program, is that you can specify precisely the skill to be coached.  This isn’t like Cable Television, you have ala-carte and carte blanche.  I see players who have learned some skills but need instruction before they can master them.  The player who has trouble making a straight pass or a hard enough shot may be a few hours away from learning the skill.  Within the first session you get a verbal evaluation; parents often watch the sessions and can stand-in for the explanations so parents can understand too, what the player is being coached to do.

3) Proper soccer technique is a bit of a challenge to teach.  This is one of the reasons training one-on-one is important to me.  The one-on-one learning environment has the necessary focus to foster clear communication.

4) One-on-one training has specific advantages over group training in some key areas.   The learning environment is unique.  I also believe that personal training instills confidence, or should rather.  The confident player and the player who could use more esteem benefit from personal training because their skills improve and the sessions are about their work and their progress. Players who struggle with confidence issues in groups have a training environment where the communication is personal and positive.  The work is about soccer, naturally, and the work is about nurturing the self-confidence of the player.

Here is a list-in-progress of some of the areas potentially coached in one-on-one soccer sessions.  If you would like to add to this list, please send your additions to

Defensive skills:

Defensive Body Posture    Defensive Positioning Defensive Techniques

Goalside marking One-on-One Skills    Defensive Heading        Goal Kicks

Defensive Covering      Standing Tackles    Slide Tackle

Defending Against Dribble           Defending Against Pass

Offensive Skills:

Short Dribbling    Long Dribbling    Footwork     Offensive Heading    Finishing

Crosses    Ball Control    Shielding    One-on-One Skills Attack    Corner Kicks

Volleying        Offensive Skills    Fakes    Free Kicks


Short passing
Long passing


Receiving Low    Receiving High    Thigh Control    Foot Control    Chest Control

Receiving And Turning    Receiving Into Space 

Position Specific:



Low Saves    High Saves    Catching    Deflecting     Boxing

Distributions Rolled    Distributions Tossed    Distributions Kicked

Goalkeeper Footwork    Foot Saves    Setting The Wall

Positioning    Communication    Corner Kicks     Penalty Kicks

Skill games:


Soccer Tennis

PK Shootout


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