Ping: Eve of 3rd Week

Ref Notes 2/5/2011

I would like every referee to print the copy of the assessment form attached to the email and highlight Category B-Application. To oversimplify Categories A and C, they cover what you know and how you look and communicate. Category B covers how well you are applying the rules; Category B is how well you facilitate the match. Remember those three words.

The critics have a point when they obnoxiously call out ‘anyone can read the rules and buy a uniform”, but they typically fail to mention not everyone can effectively referee.  A referee may know the rules (Category A) and look the part (Category C), yet fail to effectively facilitate the game (Category B). Facilitating means you get what you need (match control, safety, respect, etc.) and the players get what they want (fun, fairness, competition).  Referees see through a lens focused on the rules.  Facilitators know when the rules or laws need a conscientious application.

The saying goes, ‘you cannot break the laws of the game, but you should bend them.’  Match facilitators weigh every decision, taking into account the rules, the score, the match tone, etc. Facilitators manage people.  So if you are the referee and there is a difficult decision in the penalty area, with no clear call to be made, award nothing, unless the score is 100 to nothing and a good case can be made for the penalty kick.

The rule about forfeiting to the opposing team has been suspended until further review; the rule declaring a player ineligible for the remainder of the contest if he/she get three cards of any type is in full effect.


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