How To Soccer: Spin and Fire–YouTube Link– Athens Soccer Academy

  Spin and Fire–YouTube Link

   In How To Soccer: Spin and Fire, Athens Soccer Academy instructs and demonstrates the “spin touch”, before firing at goal.  If you would like to watch more How To Soccer Videos, visit Athens Soccer Academy on YouTube-
or  Read about soccer training and watch videos at our blog-
We want to hear your comments and see you doing How To Soccer.
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Athens Soccer Academy raffles soccer equipment to selected winners.  To become eligible to WIN a free soccer Skillball, send a video of you doing the skill on any How To Soccer Video to Athens Soccer Academy or as a video response on YouTube.

Good luck! Just as you can’t score if you don’t shoot, you can’t win if you don’t train.

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Athens Soccer Academy creates How To Soccer Videos teaching you touches and techniques.  The Academy offers SOLOSOCCER  Home Training––as well as promotes the game by posting videos for public use.



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