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English: First issue of the North American Rev...

English: First issue of the North American Review with signature of its editor William Tudor of Boston, Massachusetts. This image is an edited version of the online archive of the North American Review from the Cornell University Library, and taken from the first page of The North American review, Volume 1, Issue 1, May 1815, pp. 1-14, “Books relating to America”, available online at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is wonderful what stores of really valuable thought may lie neglected in a book, simply because they are not but in that form which serves our present occasions
–Arthur Hugh Clough

Victorian poet Arthur Hugh Clough in his essay, Recent English Poetry, North American Review, 1853.

Unity’s Arms

Trimble Soccer Park

United as a family we stand
some clasped in arms and some in hand
standing now in the Mid-Day sun
twelve sets of toes in the sand

Standing now in the cool breeze
on my neck I feel the baby sneeze
be thankful for that it is evening
if it were night we would surely freeze

A family of important size
with dreams yet to materialize
watching as the sun sets
and feeling the waters rise.